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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bestie !

bieha for short . quit simple girl . love to laughing when i make a jokes . hahahah . i know her since we was standard 4 in primary scol , i love the way she talk , the way she wearing looks like muslimah sejati . hahahaha . act pics di atas do snap time raya . b4 celebration of raya day , our scol had program khatam al Quran . she is the one who involve in that program . btw , she is a good fren that i ever had , me love u biehaa  :D

life . its all about life .

now becoming a student is the most interesting moment that i ever had . interview for faculty of architecture is done . hopefully dpt lha masok uitm bcoz that  minat sgt2 . seriously  minat . if dpt masok uitm . sya good bye2 to form 6 n say helo to uitm . act life dkt form 6 ni amat lha membebankan . mmg bule folow pengajian dy but stduent sekliling tuh dh cm mana ntah . environment x brp bgos . teacher form 6 have been teaching us in a good way , but the student ?? cm **** . mmg org kata lain tempat lain environment nya . oke aq admit yg tuh betoy but kdg student dy akan anoying lha . hopefully i will get out from there as soon as i can . for those yg nk stay , sila kan . x kata pn form 6 x bgos . act form6 is good . level form 6 nie dh sama dgn level matriks . so stduent matriks , asasi n form 6 is at the same level . 

Monday, September 17, 2012

the new updates !

asalamualaikum . fuhh ., fuhhh . dh berhabuk dh bloggg aq nie . lama sgt x bukak . besa la kan . simpan dlm kotak lama sgt . kan berhabuk dan bersarang labah2 dh nie ha . ! hee . act . beberapa bul;a nie bz sgt2 . bkn sgt tp teramat la sgt . hehe . besa la . stdent pre U . mmg la slalu bz . hehe . aq prefer utk stdy dulu bcoz uitm frst intake aq gagal . opss . gagal sekali x bererti gagal selam nya kay ? hehehe . then aq dh aply for uitm 2nd intake n alhamdulillah aq dpt interview for 2nd intake under course architecture . diploma interior design . hehehe . last saturday tuh aq pi interview . ha lawak gila time interview tuh . cm pa gi . dh la dgn nervous gila time . but alhamdulillah aq bule jwab . act tomorow aq paper BM n history . tp buku pun x baca lagik . arghhhhh . tension cm nie  xdan nk stdy sbb dok kalod buat artwork for inteview ari tuh . tp xpa . hopefully dpt la msok uitm . =.=