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Thursday, April 7, 2011

frens 4 ever . even smethng had hapen :P

my frens r so very dear to0 me :) , through the gud n bad they ' ve been there , laughter n tears we ' ve been through it alls . but no matter what they st00d me :) , sharing in my joy , or landing a shouleder to0 cry on , buildings memories that will last a little time , the fun times n laughter that we have share ,. when i was sad , they always cheer me up :) , thnks my bestie , natasha , eyra , aena , meiyn , m syada :) , my frens are true frens , not just passing by like others , but will be there through out the years , i can't think of more prefect frens , to share my goal n dreams with :) , bcoz my forever frenss , are the only ones i will ever need , i don't know if they can tell , juz how much they means to0 me , :) how important their frenship it is , n how much i care , for they r what true frens is about , they're there when i need them , n i love them alls :) 

 dedicated special to0 : natasha , eyra , aena , mieyn , watiqah , syada :) 

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